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New Zealand Airport Closed After Suspicious Parcel Found

Authorities at the airport say they are working to identify the contents of the package. The finding comes on the heels of a major massacre at two mosques Friday.

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New Zealand authorities have shut down the Dunedin airport on a report of a suspicious package found at the transportation facility, officials there said.

Carmelo Urdaneta


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Police and investigators are at the scene trying to identify the parcel’s contents

The possible bomb scare has the country on edge after an anti-Muslim massacre took place in two Christchurch mosques on Friday during which 50 people were gruesomely gunned down. The killer, identified as Brenton Tarrant released a 74-page manifesto to the country’s prime minister hours before the shooting, outlining his dedication to fascism and “white power.”

More news to follow regarding the Dunedin airport closure located south of Christchurch.